Career Opportunites

Current Openings

Any current openings are listed below. Please review the details of each position and then submit your application online. Be sure to indicate the position you are applying for on the application. If no desired positions are listed, you may sumitt a general application below.

General Application

The Ideal Candidate

Security personnel are the life-blood of this organization.They are the first and many times only representation of our company values, ethics, and processes. When VendTech approaches acquiring suitable personnel we research the background of every person and aggressively hunt for the most qualified individuals.Whether an incumbent guard from a transitioning contract or a new hire we employee great service providers capable of rendering these basic and minimum requirements.

  • Be a citizen of the U.S.
  • Possess a Social Security Card issued and approved by the SSA
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Possess, at a minimum, either a High School diploma or a GED equivalency certificate from an accredited institution recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Ed.
  • Have 3 years of security experience in any of the following sectors:
    • Military or National Guard (active duty or reserve)
    • private security
    • local law enforcement (successful completion of a state certified Police Officer's Standard Training (POST) course
  • Speak English fluently, read and comprehend written English, and compose coherent written reports in English

Our Preference Programs

The men and women of this country that have served in the Armed Forces are an invaluable asset to our security team. Veterans provide a special skillset developed from their experiences that bring determination, honor, committment and professionalism to the ranks of our employees. Due to many of the particular qualifications and experiences that can be amassed during military service we maintain an internal preference program for Veterans of Foreign Wars and other military service. We actively pursue these candidates by partnering with the DOD transitioning programs for the USAF and US Army all across the country (TAP/ACAP). We salute all those individuals who have served their country and invite you to join our team.

The Hiring Process

Clients seeking safety and security operations from VendTech cannot afford any risk in relation to the personnel who service their facilities. For this reason we employ a number of measures and screening processes to vet any potential security personnel. After completing the appropriate application process, candidates can expect to adhere to a stringent interview process that includes multiple levels. Once these individuals have passed this initial phase of screening they will then be subject to employer generated background investigations, reference checks, and other verifications. Further investigations for federal contract operations may include additional screenings including, NACI, E-Qip, IRP, and other OPM clearance and adjudication processes. If successful you may have the opportunity to join our elite protection forces.