Kansas Department of Administration Renews Contract Through 2014

June 2013 - The Kansas Department of Administration recently requested a renewal of contract security guard services with VendTech Enterprise for the Kansas Department of Health & Environment's Laboratories, located in Forbes Field, Topeka, KS. This marks the third year of unarmed guard services provided to KHEL. Security operations in this state laboratory continues to expand VendTech's specialization in managing the protection of biological research facilities. Guard duties include:

  • 24/7 unarmed security service
  • grounds patrol with the use of guard tour "deggy" systems
  • Security desk management
  • CCTV, Fire, Alarm Monitoring
  • Access Control
  • Emergency Response (First-Aid/CPR/AED)

The Kansas Health and Environmental Laboratory (KHEL) mission is to provide timely and accurate analytical information for public health benefits in Kansas and to assure the quality of statewide laboratory services through certification and improvement programs. KHEL is the only Public Health Laboratory in Kansas serving as laboratory first-responders, protecting the public from diseases and environmental health hazards. KHEL is an integrated laboratory located in Topeka, KS that serves and analyzes both health and environmental samples throughout the state.

The management team of VendTech would like to thank all the officers of the KHEL site and the Department of Administration/KDHE for allowing our firm to continue servicing the Kansas community.