Environmental Safety & Health

Policy - VendTech Enterprise is committed to ensuring that all Security Guard Service (SGS) activities and operations are conducted in a safe and environmentally sound manner in accordance with all local, state, and federal standards, policies, procedures, and practices. Our ES&H plan describes the SGS safety program which is implemented to fulfill the commitment of providing a safe and healthful work-site for all employees including the facilities, personnel, and other persons under VendTech’s protective jurisdiction on any contract services.

ES&H Organization - The structure of the VendTech organization and the personnel assignments are illustrated to provide the right mix of oversight to operations. The specific responsibilities of each member of the organization are outlined in the ES&H hierarchy. The Project Manager has primary responsibility for all safety aspects of SGS activities however; implementation of this environmental safety and health plan will be contingent upon the commitment of all VendTech personnel.

Stop-Work Authority - Upon proper evaluation of the hazards that could be encountered during operation activities on any contract site the Project Manager/Safety Representative, Assistant Project Manager, or Site Supervision/Safety Support shall designate in writing those personnel with authority to initiate a "stop-work order". Implementation of a stop-work order shall not authorize any personnel to abandon post or discontinue work but only to follow the appropriate communication protocols to alert management to the inherent circumstances constituting such an order. IAW with the Facility ES&H Manual, every employee, subcontractor, and user may have the expressed authority and responsibility to stop work for conditions that pose imminent hazard or danger.

VendTech personnel shall also accept and respond immediately to directions from delegated authorities to cease activity or condition that is deemed unsafe, and shall immediately observe the proper communication protocols, resulting in notification of the appropriate personnel anytime work is stopped under the above described conditions.

Standard Procedures

  • Substance Abuse - VendTech Enterprise, LLC, is committed to providing a safe work environment and to fostering the well being and health of its employees. That commitment is jeopardized should any Vend-Tech Enterprise, LLC, employee illegally use drugs or alcohol on the job, come to work with these substances present in his/her body, or should possess, distribute, or sell drugs in the workplace. Therefore, VendTech Enterprise has established the following policy: It’s a violation of company policy for any employee to possess, sell, trade, or offer for sale illegal drugs or otherwise engage in the illegal use of drugs or alcohol on the job. It is a violation of company policy for anyone to report to work under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol, that is, with illegal drugs or alcohol in his/her body. It is a violation of the company policy for anyone to use prescription drugs illegally.
  • Job Hazard Analysis (Activity Hazard Analysis) - Each contract possesses inherent and recognized safety and health hazards. VendTech then conducts additional Job Hazard Analysis at contract sites to identify any potential risks relevant to the environment and nature of services to be provided. At a minimum the AHA shall include the following processes and procedures: Employee Involvement, Accident History Review, Preliminary Job Review, Hazardous Job Prioritization, and Outlining of Tasks.
  • Safety & Health Training - VendTech recognizes training as one the most vital tools necessary to ensure a safe and healthy environment at contract sites. To that end, VendTech will development, implement, and thoroughly manage the entire process of training including qualified trainers, materials, equipment, and facilities, as necessary to accomplish this goal from pre-assignment to orientations, and refresher training. Appropriate safety training for optimum SGS performance shall be focused on two (2) training regiments, Contract Site-Specific Training, and VendTech SHIELD Training
  • Hazard Communications Plan - VendTech, through continuous process development and implementation maintains a written record of hazard communication plans IAW with OSHA Hazard Communication Standards as outlined by 29 CFR 1910.1200 and 29 CFR 1926.59 including:
    • Labels and Hazard Warnings
    • Material Safety Data Sheets
    • Employee Health Information
    • Training Standards
  • Emergency Response Plan -Emergency Response planning is a part of the overall VendTech Enterprise Environmental Safety & Health Manual. It is a complement to the campus emergency operation plan and procedures currently practiced at every contract site, and it is intended to be used in implementing the procedures outlined in that plan. Additional sections including in this plan include:
    • Preparation
    • General Emergency Response Procedures
    • Administration of First-Aid
    • Injuries, Illnesses & Fatalities
    • Recovery After Emergencies
    • Resources
  • Records & Reporting - Accurate documentation, reporting and records maintenance are pivotal to ensuring the quality, safety, and overall successful performance of SGS operations and activities. Procedures include:
    • Materials & General Practices
    • Investigation Procedures & Methods
    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Evaluation