Quality Control

Program Overview - VendTech's Quality Control Plan (QCP) outlines the policing missions aimed at preventing and reducing breaches of contractual parameters set forth by the client and ensuring that the service levels required throughout the contract term are met. The QCP also provides the client and company a proactive approach to avoid unacceptable or deficient performance, and further supply verifiable input for any subsequent performance evaluations. This program is structured around three major aspects, including:

  • Regulatory Supervision - examination of all applicable licenses, permits, laws and statutes necessary to perform services.
  • Monitoring - examination of reports provided by the Quality Control Manager (QCM), external quality assurance bodies, and additional analysis of operating procedures issued by the client and or the facility management itself.
  • Provisions of Information - All such reports or observations for the client, facility operators, and contract management. These compliance checks aim at ensuring that the contractor's controls reduce site risks and improve the protection, health, and safety of all persons within and in proximity of the facility assets.

Performance Standards - Describes the Types, Levels, Frequency, and Management Responsiveness necessary to develop and maintain a comprehensive and transparent QC process.

Evaluation Methods - The methods of evaluation detail the exact techniques used to administer quality oversight and are the vehicles from implementing the performance standards. Methods include:

  • Service Level Monitoring - assessments of the contractor's performance ascertained through multiple resources i.e. customer feed back, visitors, guard service personnel, etc.
  • Certifications - preparation, filing, and maintenance of documentation to support the completion of required trainings, permits, and licenses.
  • Visual Inspections - actual inspections performed by QC personnel and management to verify proper procedures are followed in regards to post policies, uniform and appearance standards, attendance and reporting documentation, possession of all necessary permits and licenses.
  • Quizzes - administering quizzes aimed at testing knowledge and adherence to post orders, duty book requirements, operation procedures as well as general facility/client information.
  • Safety Precautions - overall maintenance of an environment in accordance with the ES&H plan established by the client and the contractor in accordance with all OSHA requirements.

Measures - Developed through a line-by-line construction of each contract requirement, measures outline the Performance Objective and the actual Performance Measures used to quantify and qualify the inspection process.

Inspection Methods - Inspections are based upon the standards of quality outlined in the performance measures and are matched to the appropriate evaluation applications.

Employee Rewards & Incentives Program - VendTech maintains a star rewards and incentives program as a means to effectively and continuously improve contract performance, manage employee behavior, as well as demonstrate company appreciation for its employees. This program includes an aggregate point system incorporating evaluations, inspections data, and management information and awards and recognition based on employee workplace factors.

Disciplinary Actions & Procedures - All VendTech employees are subject to company discipline policies and procedures. These policies, in nature, are used to guide the systematic instruction of employees as well as enforce adherence to the codes of conduct and establish workplace order, health, and safety. Such measures are used in accordance with contract requirements, CBA (where applicable), and employ the use of both positive and negative reinforcements.