Personnel Security Services

The focus of Personnel Security is offering comprehensive pre-employment screening services commonly known as "background investigations/checks". These services were developed to offer clients a rapid, knowledgeable partner to assess, qualify, and validate one of your organization's most valuable assets - employees.

We offer our clients convenient, user-friendly, web-based services to login and obtain quick reports, view status updates, and receive comprehensive profile reports of their search subjects. If your organization does not have dedicated personnel to perform these services we have professional investigative personnel able to assist you in obtaining the records and reports you need. We also provide automatic email notifications on your completed reports and archive reports to keep you in FCRA compliance. Contact us for our fee schedule and developing your own pre-employment screening account today.

Our Personnel Security Services include the following areas as well as the projected turn around time for record retrieval and price and price ranges:

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DMV (Driving Records) *Most states are instantaneous $25-40
Credit Report Instant $20
InstaEviction Records Search Instant $20
Global Homeland Security Search Instant $50
Registered Sex Offender Instant $20
InstaCrime National (MultiState) Search Instant $26
Education Verification 24 hrs $20
Professional License Verification 24 hrs $20
Employment Verification 24 hrs $20
Wants & Warrants 24 hrs $26
Bankruptcy Filings Search 24 hrs $25
County Civil Records Search 24 hrs $75
Federal Civil Records Search 24 hrs $75
Federal Criminal Records 24 hrs $25-40
Statewide Criminal Records Search 24 hrs $25-40
OIG Medicare / Medicaid Sanction Report * Most reports are generated within 24 hrs $25
County Criminal Records Search 24-48 hrs $25-40
Workmans Compensation Records 1 to 35 days depending upon the state $25-40